About Us

Who Are We

The company was founded in 1955 under the professional direction of Stan Mermans.

The company first started transporting coal and raw materials and over the years became a leading company in the logistics sector.

After years of building experience alongside father Stan, Cor Mermans took over the business in 1989. As from that point, the company expanded very quickly.

Retie soon became too small and Intervervoer Mermans searched for a new location. The company moved to Arendonk.

In 2019, Paul Cornelissen took over the business from Cor. With Paul’s years of experience in and knowledge of the industry, Intervervoer Mermans is in very good hands.


Our Mission

Transforming global logistics with 60+ years of experience in Sea Container Transport. Pioneers in intermodal transport and logistics, we strive to expand internationally.

We integrate multiple modes of transportation, cutting-edge technologies, and strategic partnerships to exceed client expectations. We invest in our people, processes, and infrastructure to ensure the highest standards of quality, safety, and sustainability.

Committed to excellence, innovation, and customer-centricity, we shape the future of global logistics. Our passion for growth and continuous improvement drives us to redefine possibilities.

Join us as we create lasting impact for clients worldwide, leveraging our specialization in sea container transport.

Intervervoer Mermans: “…Where Passion meets Performance…!”

Why Choose Us?

Respect each other’s values

Exceptional Customer Service

Using the latest technologies

Lower CO2 emissions


Customized Solutions

Some Numbers

1 +
satisfied customers
100 +
container shipments daily
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truck-trailer units on the road